Anja Henke

Dr. Anja Henke,
- Founder and CEO
Carpeviam GMbH

Before 2002 or 2003 I even didn’t know what coaching was. And honestly, I didn’t care. But then I met Sylvia. She became my first coach. Then I went through her Coaching Training. Because of that my consulting company for economic growth, CARPE VIAM, is measurably more efficient! I now have access to additional pathways and methods to support executives and their teams. In 2009 I became an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) via the International Coach Federation (ICF). I’m grateful that Sylvia has opened this path for me and had given me such great support over the years.
Christine Klisch

Christine Klisch
- Projekt Manager
Distribution Management Tognum

Again and again I’m impressed by Sylvia’s ability to find the precise words that will resonate with me—words that describe exactly what I am experiencing inside myself. Then she suggests the perfect change-model for me and intuitively uses it to guide my progress towards my goal. Sylvia has an exceptional gift to empathetically ‘get’ people and to pinpoint what they need in a specific moment. Sylvia’s Pro-EFT sessions helped me to understand myself better which raised my confidence level which was crucial to land my dream job!.
Blume Dagmar

Dagmar Blume
- Senior Director Strategies & Sales
Bombardier Transportation Canada Inc.

The coaching with Sylvia Becker-Hill helped me to continuously improve my performance, to deepen my self-awareness and to improve my quality of life.

I improved my skills to solve conflicts with other people (superiors, co-workers, employees and people outside the working environment). I developed more empathy and emotional intelligence. I became more aware of the mechanisms and networks within the corporate environment and learned how to position myself more effectively. This helped me to successfully manage the permanent challenges in the global business environment. Consequently, my performance improved and I achieved several promotions throughout the years.

I learned a lot about what makes me tick and my behavior, thinking, and emotional patterns. The coaching process facilitated my personal development. It helped to focus on my priorities and goals as well as to generate own solutions and strategies to align my life according to my priorities and goals. My quality of life enhanced significantly.

Sylvia’s strength is to create a save and open space and to establish a structured and creative process to enable her clients to discover themselves and new awareness to generate own sustainable solutions and strategies for their topics. Her powerful questions help to organize thoughts and perceptions as well as to bundle and focus them.

Sylvia is honest in a very respectful way and she is challenging her clients. Her coaching kicks off a deep awareness and discovery process, effective development of options and choices, and implementation of plans. Sylvia is a highly professional, competent and responsible coach. I highly recommend her..

Dr. Anne Seidensticker-Hergrueter
- Senior Vice President Demand Management
Evonik Services GmbH

It’s a great feeling, to take a stand for yourself and ownership of your life.

Silke Sara Lindenblatt,
- Senior Director Labor Relations ADIDAS

Sylvia is one of the few coaches out there that enable their coaches to transform both sides their life story: corporate as well as private. Cleopatra´s curse transformer, corporate wizard, Über-woman birth giver, this is only to highlight a few of her unique capabilities.
The moment she started to work with me, magic began to happen and I learned about the secret to have it all: a great career, being loyal to my personal values and have a more balanced approach towards private life.

Topics I never imagined to happen in this lifetime got transformed within a very short period of time. I treasure the work with Sylvia and can only recommend to everyone out
there to get connected and to become your true self. She is a true gift to all of us.