Sylvia + The School

A 20 year industry expert in the corporate leadership arena, international speaker and author, Sylvia Becker-Hill, has seen and lived first hand the rise of women’s empowerment both personally and professionally.


From helping C-suite women leaders find a balance in embracing what it means to simply be a woman in leadership to the male Fortune 300 leaders who don’t want the old patriarchal way of leadership as the way they run their organizations.

And it is this passion for true women’s empowerment- equal empowerment- that has led to her latest venture, Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School. This real world and online school is poised to help women unlearn the patriarchal “superwoman” rules that have been strangling their true success and show them how to master all areas of their lives by simply being - women.

All the while supporting and training the men who want to be done with the patriarchal bondage, too.

Fusing her love of science, psychology, and proven success principles Becker-Hill supports her students, one on one private clients, and event attendees to unearth and break free of the UNDESERVING dogma of the past and step into their success, love filled futures by simply being- women.

Sylvia Becker-Hill, Founder and International Speaker/Author

Sylvia Becker-Hill, Founder and International Speaker/Author