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Women's Empowerment School podcast


Sylvia Becker - Hill and the Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School™ presents:

Women’s Empowerment School podcast


Women’s Empowerment is about so much more than women.

It is about our culture, our history, our society, our children, our careers, our relationships and yes, the men in our lives. Every week your hostess, Sylvia Becker-Hill, founder of the Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School will enlighten, entertain, educate, and even transform how you can not only improve your life, but also the lives of everyone you influence simply by stepping into the power that is Women.

About your host:

Sylvia Becker-Hill


Sylvia Becker-Hill is passionate about women unlearning the patriarchal “superwoman” rules that have been strangling their true success and show them how to master all areas of their lives by simply being - women.

All the while supporting and training the men who want to be done with the patriarchal bondage, too.

Sylvia's passion, spunk, and international flare comes through every time making your audience love her and you even more.

Sylvia Becker-Hill