EPISODE 35 - The Power of Emotion Management


How do you think about emotions? What triggers them? Do you have the power to manage those emotions? Or are they outside your control? Do the circumstances dictate your reaction? Or can you choose how to feel?

Today on Women’s Empowerment School, Sylvia is sharing the ninth chapter of her book, 12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women, ‘The Power of Emotion Management.’ She explains why most people believe that emotions are an undeniable reality, discussing the misconception that there is a cause-effect connection between external situations and how we feel.

Sylvia goes on to describe the human free will present in the gap between external triggers and our subconscious, automatic reactions, challenging us to be present and choose a different, more goal-aligned response. Listen in for insight around why the two standard responses to emotion, suppression and expression, are harmful—and learn how to leverage a third possibility by releasing what you feel!

Topics Covered

Why most people believe that emotions are outside their control

The misconception that people and situations CAUSE our feelings

How the same situation might elicit several different reactions

The free will present in the gap between a trigger and our response

How leaders can choose a different, more goal-aligned response

The two standard responses to emotion in our culture

  1. Suppress

  2. Express

How suppressing emotion undermines our integrity and health

How expressing emotion escalates a situation and ignites drama

The connection between stress and suppressed emotion

Leveraging a third possible response by RELEASING what we feel

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12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women by Sylvia Becker-Hill

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