EPISODE 34 - Dismantle your Drivers


What is driving you? Do you do what you do because you feel like you SHOULD? Because it’s what you NEED to do to be successful? Because it’s what’s EXPECTED? If so, is this motivation model serving you? What’s the alternative?

Today, Sylvia invites us to dismantle our drivers and explore what motivates us to act. She shares the characteristic patriarchal motivation, the SHOULDS, defining it as the mental expression of our underlying fears and explaining how the SHOULDS trigger a physiological stress response that is detrimental to our performance, our relationships and our health.

Sylvia goes on describe the paradox of the SHOULDS, discussing how being motivated by fear attaches us to the very pain we are trying to escape. Finally, she offers alternatives to being driven by the SHOULDS, introducing us to positive drivers like the BIG WHY and intuition. Listen in for insight around the benefit to being inspired by a bigger vision and learn strategies for tapping into your intuitive voice for guidance in your personal and professional life!

Topics Covered

The common patriarchal drivers of SHOULDS + fears

How SHOULDS trigger a physiological stress response

Why being motivated by SHOULDS is unsustainable

Becoming aware of and evaluating what drives us

The alternative drivers of the BIG WHY + intuition

How being motivated by fear traps us in past pain

The benefit to being driven by our vision + values

How to distinguish your intuitive voice vs. ego voice

Positive drivers in your personal + professional life

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