EPISODE 29 - Empower you Goals


Where did your goals come from? Do they support your soul’s longing? Or were they projected onto you by an outside force? Are you realizing your full potential, independent of external expectations?

Today, Sylvia encourages us to examine our goals and determine whether they align with our true desires and values. She describes the characteristics of the patriarchal culture we are swimming in, explaining how the collective subconscious impacts our thoughts and behavior—and why the patriarchy is not sustainable in the face of current global challenges.

Sylvia goes on to share the powerful story of her own decision to say NO to goals that did not align with her soul’s longing, explaining her ambition to help other women live their full potential from the inside out. Listen in for insight on creating a true partnership between men and women and learn how to liberate yourself and make conscious choices around what goals to pursue!

Topics Covered

How distinctions allow us to discern something in a deeper way

The characteristics of the patriarchal culture we swim in

Why we aren’t aware of the impact the patriarchy has on us

Why the patriarchy is not sustainable in the face of global crises

Why inclusion in leadership teams is necessary to our survival

The impact of the status gap between men and women

When the patriarchy came to dominate world cultures

The trend to a true partnership between men and women

How the collective subconscious impacts how we think + act

How Sylvia defines the concept of EVElution

The patriarchy’s basis in fear and safety through belonging

The disconnect between external expectations and true values

Sylvia’s decision to live her full potential from the inside out

Saying NO to goals that are not aligned with our soul’s longing

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