EPISODE 23 - The Power of Self-Care: Chapter 6

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We live in a culture that seems to revere pushing ourselves beyond the limits of what is healthy. We wear sleep deprivation as a badge of honor and move our own self-care to the bottom of the to-do list (if it makes the list at all) lest we be seen as selfish or vain. But how can we lead with power, clarity and grace if we are drained, irritable and low on energy?

Today on Women’s Empowerment School, Sylvia is sharing the sixth chapter of her book, 12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women, ‘The Power of Self-Care.’ She explains the connection between our health and our performance as leaders and shares the distinction between high-achieving Superwomen who push themselves until they break down versus top performers who understand the value of taking breaks throughout the day.

Sylvia describes how neglecting your inner child leads to self-sabotage and stresses the importance of play in nurturing the human spirit. Finally, she walks us through a list of suggested healthy habits, giving you the opportunity to assess the current state of your self-care. Listen in for insight around why it really is vital to put your own oxygen mask on first—and learn to love your body, nurture your inner child, and rest and play daily!


Topics Covered

The connection between our health and our performance as leaders

The tendency for high-achieving women to push until they break down

How top performers work in 90-minute cycles with 10 minutes of rest

Why it’s crucial to get 8 hours of sleep and take power naps

The importance of play for creativity and to nurture the human spirit

Nurturing your inner child by checking in and scheduling celebration

Why so many women copy the way their mother lived and worked

Sylvia’s suggested healthy habits

·         Consistent bedtime and 8 hours sleep

·         Regularly drink water + get fresh air

·         Inner child check-ins, celebrate success

·         Take short breaks every 90 minutes

·         Eat healthy, fresh, nutritional foods

·         Treat self to something special (monthly)

·         Play time with friends one evening/week

·         Seek stillness daily to reconnect with self

Why self-care is a necessity to be our at our best for everyone else


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