EPISODE 22 - The Evolutionary Woman’s 7-Step Approach to Pursuing Goals

How to Avoid 5 Common Goal-Setting Mistakes, Part 3

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In the US alone, a woman dies of a stress-related heart attack every 28 seconds. But what is causing this kind of life-threatening overwhelm and anxiety? No doubt a major contributor to the crisis lies in the way we work toward goals, as most of us take on the Superwoman archetype and push ourselves in a way that kills our results, kills our joy, and sometimes even kills us. The good news is, there is a better way—the Evolutionary Woman’s 7-step approach to pursuing goals.

Today, Sylvia is sharing the fifth and final common mistake we make when setting and pursuing goals, wrong mechanics. She describes the characteristics of a recovering Superwoman, discussing the price this archetype pays in terms of her health and wellbeing. Sylvia then walks us through the Superwoman’s unsustainable approach to pursuing goals as well as the Evolutionary Woman’s authentic, alternative 7-step system. She compares the way a Superwoman identifies what’s missing based on a patriarchal definition of success with the Evolutionary Woman’s focus on what her inner guidance calls her to create for the greater good.

Sylvia goes on to explain how a Superwoman motivates herself with harsh inner yelling from a place of judgement and blame, while the Evolutionary Woman commits to listen and feel for answers, mapping out a plan complete with resources and support. Listen in to understand how the Superwoman’s methodology often leads to unfulfilling results accompanied by overwhelm and learn how to instead walk the path of an Evolutionary Woman who manifests results and celebrates her learning from the journey!


Topics Covered

The characteristics of a recovering Superwoman

The Superwoman’s unsustainable approach to pursuing goals

1.       Identify what’s missing based on societal expectations

2.       Define measurable goal to fix + fill painful gap

3.       Commit to doing whatever it takes formulate plan

4.       Motivate with harsh inner self-yelling (judgement + blame)

5.       Self-sabotaging mechanism triggered to fight self-bullying

6.       Either don’t act OR push to workaholism and burnout

7.       Either no results OR unfulfilling results

The Evolutionary Woman’s 7-step approach to pursuing goals

1.       Gratitude for accomplishments, put intention on heart

2.       Ask inner guide what wants to be created for greater good

3.       Commit to surrender + listen and feel for answers

4.       Map out what heart felt, include resources and support

5.       Honest about fears, work for 100% alignment with vision

6.       Inspired action with daily reconnection to adjust strategy

7.       Manifest results and celebrate learning from journey


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