EPISODE 21 - A Multidimensional Approach to Pursuing Your Goals

How to Avoid 5 Common Goal-Setting Mistakes, Part TWO

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So, you set a new objective. What’s next? For most of us high-achieving leaders, we put our heads down and focus on the hustle. But the actions we take to reach our goals are only one piece of a much bigger puzzle. How do we avoid the mistake of placing our attention on the doing alone? How do we expand our idea of what it means to set and pursue goals? How do we lay the groundwork so that our action is inspired—and sustainable in the long-term?

Today, Sylvia is sharing the fourth of five common mistakes people make when setting and pursuing goals, wrong dimension. She discusses our inclination to focus on action alone when working toward our goals and explains why a multidimensional approach is more sustainable. Sylvia walks us through the five dimensions of goal-setting, starting with the components of mental clarity and energetic freedom necessary to attract the support we need.

Sylvia goes on to describe the elements of emotional energy as well as the value in creating a physical environment (known as ‘choice architecture’) that supports the pursuit of your goals. Listen in for insight on incorporating all five dimensions to facilitate inspired action and learn how a multidimensional approach to goal-setting allows you to pursue your ambitions with joy and achieve tangible results!


Topics Covered

The mistake of focusing on action alone in pursuing goals

The first dimension of goal-setting: Mental Clarity

·         Intentional thinking

·         Empowering self-talk

·         Unwavering focus

The second dimension of goal-setting: Energetic Freedom

·         From the past

·         From resistance

·         From negativity

The third dimension of goal-setting: Emotional Energy

·         Heal past hurt

·         Loving + open heart

·         Inner knowing (click)

The fourth dimension of goal-setting: Physical Beauty

·         Choice architecture

·         Effortless self-care

·         Body healthy + fit

The fifth dimension of goal-setting: Inspired Action

·         Natural motivation

·         Resilience + endurance

·         Measurable success


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