EPISODE 20 - Goal Proof Yourself

How to Avoid Five Common Goal Setting Mistakes

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Most of us operate under the working premise that setting and pursuing goals is about putting in the hard work to get what we want. But what if you’re doing all the right things, yet you’re still not achieving your objectives? Or worse yet, what if you’ve reached your goals—got everything you wanted—and you’re still not happy?

Today, Sylvia is sharing the first three of five common mistakes people make when setting and pursuing goals: 1) Wrong strategy, 2) Wrong time, and 3) Wrong guidance. She explains why DO-HAVE-BE is the wrong approach and offers an alternative order that more sustainable and facilitates inspired action.

Sylvia discusses why we envision the future through the lens of the past, describing how that reinforces old limitations and offering a mind trick you can use to set goals from a faraway future. Listen in to understand why your intuition is more powerful than any team of advisors and learn how to goal proof yourself for true growth and transformation!


Topics Covered

The first three mistakes people make in pursuing goals

1.       Wrong strategy

2.       Wrong time

3.       Wrong guidance

Why the DO-HAVE-BE strategy of chasing goals doesn’t work

How focusing on fulfillment first leads to inspired action

Why we envision the future through the lens of the past

How recreating the past reinforces old boundaries/limitations

The mind trick you can use to set goals from a faraway future

Why your own inner guidance is your best coach and advisor


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