EPISODE 18 - Refuse the Rat Race

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At the end of 2018, when we should have been celebrating, hibernating and contemplating, most of us were busy. Busy shopping for the holidays. Busy meeting end-of-year deadlines. Busy running from one event to the next. December 31st became a finish line that we were racing toward, and the pressure of meeting that arbitrary cutoff date left many of us stressed and in some cases, unhealthy. But what if you could refuse the rat race and live a different life?

Today on the podcast, Sylvia shares three nuggets to help you get out of the rat race, once and for all. She explains why life is NOT a race with a finish line or deadline and addresses how to leverage the power of a polite NO. Sylvia also explores the pitfalls of competition, describing how comparison kills self-esteem and destroys our connection with others.

Finally, Sylvia coaches you through the exercise of comparing who you are now with who you have been and who you could become, offering insight around the value of engaging in conversation with your anticipated future self. Listen in as Sylvia inspires you to stand firm in the knowledge that you are enough—in all your glorious human imperfection and messiness!


Topics Covered

Sylvia’s observation around our end-of-year busyness

Why life is NOT a race with a finish line or deadline

How to leverage the power of a polite NO

How deadlines serve as a threat to the ego

Sylvia’s advice on dropping competition with others

How comparison kills self-esteem and connection

Comparing who you are now with who you’ve been

The value in dialogue with your anticipated future self

Standing firm in the knowledge that you are enough


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