EPISODE 2 - The First Patriarchal Commandment for Women

Your Voice, Your Truth, Your Power

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In this episode Sylvia starts the process of dismantling the patriarchy in our minds by discussing one of the 10 Patriarchal Commandments Women face around the world:

“Be quiet! Don’t be heard and don’t oppose,
so others don’t feel threatened or uncomfortable.”

This is the one which cost women literally millions of money over their life-time, confidence, freedom, self-expression, relationships, leadership, sense of integrity… and the world their creativity, brilliance and solutions which only can come from women (alone or in partnership with men’s voices.)

Listen to Sylvia’s thoughts to be inspired to find your voice and raise it for the betterment of your life and the world around you.

Follow her ritual invitation to feel safe to do so.

Take with you the EVElutionary permission slip:

“I am free and safe to share my truth.
Other people’s reactions to it is their business not mine.”

Use this journaling questions, to start freeing up your voice:
1. Where in my life do I shut up and don’t say what I think?

2. What is the emotion and the belief behind that withhold?

3. What is the price I pay for that withhold?

4. What is lacking in my life and environment because of it?

5. What do I need to stop the withhold and share my voice?

6. What would I say if I trusted to be safe?

7. How would I feel expressing myself freely?

8. What will the world gain because of my liberated voice?

9. When and where will I practice next to speak my truth?

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