EPISODE 3 - Interview with Christa Stienen, Global Head of HR

Five tips to get women to the top

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Building an Internal Network of Support for Women in Business – with Christa Stienen

Is it possible to rise through the ranks of corporate leadership to become a high-level executive—without abandoning your femininity? And if so, how do you override the patriarchy between your own ears and show up as a strong woman who speaks her mind? Better yet, how do you leverage your strengths to build an internal network of support that helps all talented women rise?

In the last 20 years, Christa has worked in human resources departments across the globe in a number of industries, from politics to retail to pharmaceuticals to sport, building internal coaching programs and support networks to promote female executives.

Today, Christa joins Sylvia to explain why visibility is a challenge for women in the corporate world. Christa describes how passion inspires her to speak her mind and shares her strategy for preparing for a meeting by anticipating the emotional response. Christa and Sylvia discuss the impact of cultural values on the number of women in executive leadership in a given region and the value in designing a strategic plan for your career goals. Listen in for Christa’s advice on embracing your femininity, creating a network of support, and maintaining a playful approach to life!

Topics Covered

Christa’s diverse HR experience across cultures and industries

Why visibility is a challenge for women in the corporate world

How passion and integrity support Christa in speaking her mind

Christa’s view that women are more open to feedback

How Christa’s bigger VISION helps her through difficult days

How to prepare for a meeting by anticipating the emotional response

How cultural values impact the presence of women in executive positions

Christa’s insight on developing a plan around family and career

How Christa maintains work-life balance with a focus on wellness

The truth about the importance of appearance and professional dress

How male executives can provide opportunities for women to be visible

Why solidarity among women in the corporate environment is not a given

How to build an internal network of support for women in a large company

Christa’s advice around taking on different roles and embracing play

Christa’s philosophy for successful female corporate leadership

  • Have fun, be brave, network, stay female and be authentic

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