EPISODE 7 - The Enemy Between Your Ears

Self Doubt: The Enemy Between Your Ears

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You cannot NOT suffer from self-doubt. As long as you are growing and changing, you will be faced with uncomfortable situations. And because your brain is wired to protect you from the potential threat of the unfamiliar, it will trigger the uncertainty and insecurity that stems from tackling the unknown. But how do you get past the self-doubt and reach your full potential? How do you eradicate this enemy between your ears?

On today’s edition of Women’s Empowerment School, Sylvia is teaching us how to fight back when self-doubt threatens our confidence. She discusses the mental, emotional and physical manifestations of self-doubt, explaining how growth and transformation serves as the trigger for those feelings. Sylvia describes the way our brains are wired to alert us to potential danger and how this plays out in the form of self-doubt anytime we are faced with change.

Sylvia offers insight around the price tag for self-doubt, addressing how we pay with our confidence, our relationships and even our bank accounts! She also reveals the hidden messages of celebration, encouragement and empowerment behind our self-doubt, explaining how to turn the stop signs into guide posts that help us move forward. Listen in for the five antidotes to self-doubt and learn how to reclaim your confidence with practical physical, social, emotional, spiritual and action-based strategies.

Topics Covered

The mental, emotional and physical manifestations of self-doubt

How change serves as the primary trigger for self-doubt

How our brains are wired for survival rather than happiness

The price tag for self-doubt

·         Pay with confidence, relationships and money

·         Erodes our sense of integrity

The hidden messages of encouragement behind self-doubt

How to turn the stop signs of self-doubt into guide posts

The five antidotes to self-doubt

1.       Physical—sleep, movement and healthy food

2.       Social—reach out to allies, revisit positive feedback

3.       Emotional—feel & release, shower self with compassion

4.       Spiritual—meditation, prayer and grounding exercise

5.       Action—break topic into tiny micro-steps


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