EPISODE 6 - The Attraction/Aversion Dilemma of Power

Why Women Refuse to Step into Positions of Power

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Why are the best and brightest women still not reaching C-Suite positions? We can blame the system or society. We can point to a lack of role models or mentors. But what if a big part of the problem is us? What if we secretly have an aversion to power? What if, deep down, we are disgusted by the lack of ethics sometimes demonstrated by top-ranked executives? What if we are really afraid of losing our femininity and becoming like ‘them’?


Today, Sylvia is digging deep into the attraction/aversion dilemma of power. She offers insight around the secret disgust of power she has encountered in working with women in the female pipeline and what she calls the ping-pong of goal-pursuing, where women are consciously working toward a goal but subconsciously averse to realizing their vision.


Sylvia explains why women stuck in the aversion/attraction dilemma choose inaction, self-sabotage, or simply turn down great opportunities. Listen in for insight on conducting an honest inquiry into your own attraction and aversion to power and learn how to begin letting go of judgement and longing to access your full power—with magical ease!


Topics Covered

The corporate commitment to creating a female pipeline for executive positions

The classic reasons why women did not reach C-Suite positions

·         Glass ceiling, lack of mentors/role models

·         Lack of spousal support or childcare

·         Poor stress resilience, hormones and mother guilt

Sylvia’s insight around women’s secret repulsion for power

The fear women have of losing their femininity and integrity by embracing power

Sylvia’s idea of the ping pong of goal-pursuing

How the aversion/attraction dilemma shows up as inaction or self-sabotage

Why women stuck in the ambivalence of goal-pursuing turn down opportunities

How to conduct an honest inquiry of your own attraction and aversion to power

The value in recognizing how your ambivalence has played out in your career

Why we must let go of both our judgement of AND longing for power

The ultimate evolution to a true partnership between men and women


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