EPISODE 17 - Your Gratitude Path to Success

Gratitude makes us feel good.

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Taking the time to express what we are grateful for releases feel-good hormones in the brain, making us feel content and more connected to the people in our lives. But what if gratitude can do MORE than help us feel good in the moment? What if it has the potential to put us on the path to success? To support us in manifesting our vision of the future?

Today on the podcast, Sylvia explores the miracle of gratitude in helping you identify the opportunities and resources necessary to fulfill your dreams. She shares the six ways that gratitude impacts your brain, explaining how deliberate gratitude practices can improve the way you feel. Sylvia also explores the connection between gratitude and future success and describes her ‘walks of gratitude’ ritual of literally counting her blessings.

Finally, Sylvia walks us through the Gratitude Path to Success, outlining the three phases of the process and discussing the value in choosing to be grateful for things that you have resistance to as well as future events yet to be manifested. Listen in for insight on acknowledging your fears and then reaffirming a better result—and learn how to leverage gratitude practices to rewire your brain in a powerful way!


Topics Covered

The brain chemistry associated with expressing gratitude

The 6 ways gratitude impacts your brain

1.       Floods with reward chemicals

2.       Lessens symptoms of anxiety, depression

3.       Hypothalamus works better

4.       Greater resistance to stress

5.       Fall asleep easier

6.       Experience more positive emotions

Sylvia’s ‘walks of gratitude’ practice to count your blessings

The kinesthetic experience of feeling gratitude in your body

Sylvia’s Gratitude Path to Success

·         Phase 1—easy to be grateful (zero resistance)

·         Phase 2—a bit challenging (mix of resistance, wanting)

·         Phase 3—big challenge (100% resistance)

How to be grateful for negative circumstances, future events

·         ‘Even though I don’t/didn’t want consciously that _____, I choose to be grateful because _____.’

·         ‘Even though I feared that _____, I am deeply grateful that _____ went smoother/easier than I was able to expect it to be.’

The significance of acknowledging your fears

Rewiring your brain around fear by reaffirming a better result


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