EPISODE 15 - The Power of Loving Your Ego

Turning Your Fears into Fuel

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Conventional wisdom tells us that ego is a bad thing. Successful leaders with too much ego have questionable integrity, and they tend to create toxic cultures detrimental to the organizations they command. Ego is painted as the enemy, an adversary to be restrained and limited.

But what if this is the wrong approach? What if we could enlist the ego as a powerful ally and turn our fears into fuel?

Today on Women’s Empowerment School, Sylvia is walking us through the fourth chapter of her book, 12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women, ‘The Power of Loving Your Ego.’ She explains how the ego is actually committed to our safety and survival and describes how it gets deeply ingrained in our subconscious through early childhood experiences.

Sylvia discusses our mission to heal and rewire the subconscious programming that triggers self-sabotaging behaviors like self-doubt, procrastination and perfectionism. Listen in for insight around reframing the ego as a committed servant and leveraging fear as the fuel for your dreams!


Topics Covered

  • Our negative view of ego in aggressive or attention-seeking people

  • Why restraining or limiting the ego may be the wrong approach

  • How the ego is committed to our safety and survival

  • How the ego is programmed during early childhood

  • Why we must heal and rewire our subconscious beliefs as adults

  • Examples of how we might regress and sabotage our success

  • How your ego can be your most powerful ally

  • How to revise the ego’s strategies to fit your adult life

  • The idea of teaming with your ego to turn fears into fuel


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