EPISODE 11 - The Power of Your Attention

How to Boost Your Energy, Align Others and Accomplish More

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You simply cannot accomplish all of your goals by yourself. Your role as a leader involves aligning the attention of your team toward a common purpose. But how do you master the art of attention management for yourself as well as the people you lead?

Today on Women’s Empowerment School, Sylvia is walking us through the third chapter of her book, 12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women, ‘The Power of Your Attention.’ She explains why attention is one of our most precious resources and how you can connect with others by addressing their point of focus—and then move their attention in the direction of your desire!

Sylvia discusses the two forms of attention, neutral and charged, offering insight on how we can be manipulated through either desire or repulsion to fixate our attention on someone else’s intended goals. Listen in for a powerful written exercise that will help you harness your own attention and understand why you ARE where you place your attention.


Topics Covered

Why leaders need to master the art of attention management

The definition of attention as the brain energy exuded by focus

The idea that ‘you are where your attention is’

How to connect with others by addressing their point of focus

The vital leadership skill of pacing and leading

Why the brain resource of attention is so easily drained

The two forms of attention

1.       Neutral – free, at our disposal

2.       Charged – through desire/repulsion

How people can be manipulated through charged attention

Sylvia’s powerful exercise of listing your items of fixed attention

How a strong emotional charge can fixate your attention

Why leading with free attention affords you more energy


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