EPISODE 8 - The Power of Purpose

Reconnecting with Your Big WHY

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Stepping outside your comfort zone is the hallmark of a powerful leader. It is also incredibly painful! So, how do you override the brain’s tendency to run away from discomfort to reach your full potential? The answer lies in developing a connection to your big WHY—a purpose or calling whose fulfillment is more joyful than the pain associated with change. 

On today’s episode of Women’s Empowerment School, Sylvia is sharing the second chapter of her book, 12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women, ‘The Power of Purpose.’ She explains the significance of either discovering OR reconnecting with your purpose, discussing how a big WHY supports leaders in developing the resilience and stamina to initiate change, and she offers insight around connecting the dots of your past experiences to uncover your ultimate mission.

Sylvia describes how a clarity of purpose makes it easy to say NO and set boundaries—because you’ve already said YES to your true north. Listen in to understand how the WHAT and HOW unfold naturally once the WHY is established and master the Chapter 2 Power Statement: I focus on my biggest WHY at all times!

Topics Covered

The significance of discovering OR reconnecting with your purpose

The two drivers in the human brain

1.       Away from pain

2.       Toward pleasure

Why external pressure to change only works in the short term

The leader’s daily practice of stepping outside their comfort zone

How to override your away-from-pain tendencies with a big WHY

Sylvia’s painful experience of being disconnected from purpose

How to look at your life like a treasure map that reveals purpose

·         Past experience gives clues about talents, strengths

·         Every moment prepares you for ultimate mission

How clarity of purpose makes it easy to set boundaries

The common epidemic of attempting to please everyone

How the WHAT and HOW unfold logically once WHY is established

The value in starting each day with a connection to your big WHY

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