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Sylvia Becker Hill
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A 20 year veteran in the fields of corporate leadership and change management, Sylvia Becker-Hill's passion is to support global players to evolve themselves, their teams, and organizations into cutting edge companies who are at the forefront of humanity’s evolution as well as the macro-trends of our globalized economy.


As with all of her client’s, Sylvia’s corporate work is with global thought leaders creating the positive waves of social change and aligning themselves with the right side of history.


Outside of her one on one consulting and coaching work, Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School™ focuses on  three main areas of EVElution™:


  • WOMEN’S INDIVIDUAL EMPOWERMENT AND LEADERSHIP GROWTH.  Our empowerment and leadership programs support corporations in achieving their 30/30 goals. Allowing not just for the promotion of amazing leaders within their organizations, but consciously increasing women in leadership 30% by 2030 across industries world wide.


  • TOP EXECUTIVE 1 to 1 HIGH-INTENSITY COACHING. Pleasant, “feel good” words don’t create massive organizational and global change. Neurosicience, change management, and emotional techniques do and that is exactly what Becker-Hill’s work is rooted. These scientific and psychologically driven tools create an accelerated growth curve for your  leadership and organization all the while minimizing any fall back to old patterns that are no longer serving the company at large.


  • CORPORATE CULTURAL CHANGE INITIATIVES. The old patriarchal ways corporations have been run for centuries no longer work in today’s global economy. Gender equality, diversity, and inclusion need to be conscious goals on all levels of leadership to create not just a thriving and productive internal environment, but to create massive growth in marketplace perception as well as the bottom line.



For inquiries to get customized program-packages offered schedule a briefing session here:




To execute large scale, international projects Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School partners with consulting and coaching companies who have an exceptional reputation for evolutionary work and high integrity.


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