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Sylvia Becker-Hill creates magic for her private and event attendees alike by using science, psychology, and a bit of the mystical to help free them from the patriarchal struggles that are blocking them from their ultimate success.

Sylvia holds a Diploma in Administrative Science from the Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences and a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Linguistics from the Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf. Her master’s thesis was in matriarchal cultures and their importance for our times. She was the first German coach to become certified as a Professional Certified Coach in 2002 by the International Coach Federation (ICF), was the president of ICF Germany, a board member of ICF Michigan, ran her own coaching school for seven years, and held multiple leadership roles in women’s and coaching organization.

Sylvia worked for 20 over 20 years in business as a corporate change-agent, leadership trainer and C-Suite executive coach with Fortune 500 clients around the world. Within the international coaching industry, she is known as one of the “matriarchs of the coaching industry” with her long list of certifications and hands on experience of multiple learning methods. In all he work Sylvia brings this experience along with her proprietary models to help clients transform with ease, speed and grace.

With her latest venture, Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School, this real world and online school is poised to help us women unlearn the patriarchal “Super Women” rules that have been strangling our true success and show us how to master all areas of our lives by simply being - women.

Because when women own their true womanly ways - pure magic happens.