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At The Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School, we teach women EVERYTHING THE PATRIARCHY NEVER WANTED THEM TO KNOW

With a unique curriculum of courses based on the Path of EVElutionary Living, our students rewrite their own life story. We teach women how to be successful on their own terms and break free from the shackles of external expectations and outdated beliefs. This life changing learning supports women to heal the emotional wounds of 7000 years of male domination.

learn how to fall in love with the life you have, so you can build the life you want

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords, they are a necessity to solve current global problems. The Path of EVElutionary Living turns women into the leaders of tomorrow, to create in partnership with men a world that works for everyone. Our courses teach how to be successful in all areas of life, without sacrifice or compromise. Defy expectations and pressure to be something you are not or don’t want to be.


The SUCCESS quarter contains six extraordinary online courses that focus on relationships, success, career, and how to live in an EVElutionary way by just being - women. You’ll discover the keys to empowerment in career and relationships, and be able to create results which lead to increased happiness while still being successful.

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Step Into Being you.

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